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What is Oncall.pk Corporate?

Oncall.pk Corporate is a department of exclusively Pro-Audio products designed for business to business sales, including education institutes, hospitals, offices, commercial centers, malls, banks, transportations, Restaurants & Cafes, house of worship, organizations and all kinds of businesses. Oncall.pk Corporate provides businesses with the largest and most extensive Pro-Audio products in Pakistan because we are the only ones who is providing the original Pro-Audio brands under one umbrella. Expect nothing less than the most competitive prices and products from Oncall.pk Corporate for your business, across the Pakistan.


advantages of buying in bulk from oncall.pk

Oncall.pk Corporate is designed exclusively for businesses and organizations that provides the biggest corporations of Pakistan in getting the best products at every required budget with a dedicated team on its back. Our experts are dedicated to assist you in the Pro-Audio products that will suit your business well.

The bulk pricing is just one of the many benefits that can be availed through Oncall.pk Corporate. Not only will you be getting the products in large quantities, but by doing so you will be able to avail prices that are hard to beat as per the market of relevant products. This will be possible because you will be eligible for some discounts when you purchase a certain quantity of products from us.

With an efficient& effective account manager, you can be assured that your orders are processed accordingly and the transactions go through seamlessly - so that you will be able to focus on your business and not be concerned about the other details. From start to finish, our corporate oriented team will make sure that everything will be executed efficiently.

Furthermore, we understand your bulk buying requirements and therefore, you will find a large assortment of products available at Oncall.pk Corporate; ranging from Pro-Audio equipments to TVs. With such an extensive original range that covers the items usually bought in bulk, you do not have to worry about hassling with vendors and spending time in marketplaces to get the job done.

The convenience of fast shipping is another major benefit of Oncall.pk Corporate. The goods will be delivered to you instantly in Lahore with our 3 to 4 hour urgent delivery and other cities without any delay to ensure that you can go about your work as soon as possible without any hindrance.

Oncall.pk Corporate is committed to providing you the original branded Pro-Audio products and solutions as well as installation services you need at your designated budget, backed by our dedicated Support team.

Quotation Request

After you fill out this quote request / query, we will contact you to go over details and availability before the order is completed. If you would like faster service and direct information on current stock and pricing please contact us at Contact us at (+92 340 786 4101) or corporate@oncall.pk